5th Berlin Biennale

ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange supports the following program of the 5th Berlin Biennial:

Night program of the 5th berlin biennial for contemporary art
Arsenal Cinema, Potsdamer Strasse 2, D-10785 Berlin, U2, S1/S2/S25 Potsdamer Platz   
22.04.2008, 19:00 - 22:00 Kino 1

Films from the Archive of the Balázs Béla Studio

Szabó István: Te / You, 1962    10 min, 35 mm
Maurer Dóra: Relatív lengések / Relative Swings, 1975    11 min, 35 mm
Hajas Tibor: Öndivatbemutató / Self Fashion Show, 1976    15 min, 35 mm

Huszárik Zoltán: Elégia / Elegy, 1965    20 min, 35 mm
Szirtes András: Madarak / Birds, 1981    8 min, 35 mm

Gazdag Gyula: Hosszú futásodra / Long Distance Runner, 1968    13 min, 35 mm
Dobai Péter: Archaikus torzó / Archaic Torse, 1971    31 min, 35 mm
Erdély Miklós: Pihenés / Relaxation, 1984    1,15 min, video
Erdély Miklós: Verzió / Version, 1981    54 min, 16 mm

Total time:  163 min.
All the films are in Hungarian and presented for this screening with English subtitles.

The films were selected by Miklós Erhardt (artist, writer), Sebestyén Kodolányi (filmmaker, chief curator of the BBS Foundation) and Lívia Páldi (curator, writer).

The BBS Archive is one of the largest and most significant film archives in Hungary, with a collection of over 500 items from the last 4 decades partly housed in the Mûcsarnok / Kunsthalle Budapest. Rather than aiming for an overall representation and an in-depth exploration of the Studio’s history, this selection of films offers a survey of integral works and issues from the different decades of the BBS, which could be one of the starting points of mapping out its multifarious production and approaches.

Balázs Béla Studio (BBS)

The Balázs Béla Studio was founded in 1961 by students graduating from the Hungarian Film Academy in Budapest, the so called ‘golden generation’ of Hungarian film including Pál Gábor, Sándor Sára and Academy Award winner István Szabó. BBS was conceived of as a workshop for young porfessionals to make their entrée into the film production system but later it also attracted a wide range of artists, writers, musicians from the very lively underground scene.
Early production by these young professional filmmakers shows the influence of nouvelle vague and cinema verité, with a strong feel for documentary. The documentary movement called ‘Budapest School’ that, similarly to Dogma, mixed fiction with social documentary, was also formed within the BBS with the participation of filmakers like internationally acclaimed Béla Tarr. 2006 marked a new phase with the collaboration between BBS and Mûcsarnok / Kunshalle Budapest, which will make the archive accessible for the professional public by way of a DVD-library and DVD edition.


The screening was made possible with the support by Hungarian National  Film Archive, Hungarian Filmunion, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, ACAX (Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange)

Special thanks to Freunde der Deutschen Kinemathek e.V., Kino Arsenal

This evening is presented by U-TURN Quadriennial for Contemporary Art in cooperation with the 5th berlin biennial as part of the collaborative project Opening Hours.

Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle, H–1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 37., www.mucsarnok.hu, info@mucsarnok.hu