ACAX launches its new Curators-in-Residency programme

Lene ter Haar, curator

We are happy to announce ACAX’s new Curators-in-Residency programme, the first edition of which was established in cooperation with the Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our first guest curator is Lene ter Haar, curator at SCHUNCK, Heerlen, The Netherlands, who is spending a two-month curators-in-residency period in Budapest.

During her stay, Lene ter Haar will conduct extensive research on the local artistic field in order to link it with her curatorial practice. She is particularly interested in how artists and art professionals deal with the idea of public space in a fast-changing social and political landscape, be it approached from the top-down or bottom-up. How do artists perceive public space in Budapest now and how do they use it? How do they act under the current cultural-political circumstances; which strategies do they apply? What can be said about the relation between the art left over from before 1989 and the more recent art works in the public domain? Ter Haar’s curatorial focus is, in that sense, directed towards the field of tension between artistic practice and the social realm, with an emphasis on art in public space.

At the end of her stay, ter Haar will give a public lecture about her research and experiences within the residency programme.

The project is a result of a collaboration between the Mondriaan Fund and ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange.