Arts, Humanities and Complex Networks - 2nd Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci 2011

The aim of the 2nd Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci2011 on Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks is to foster cross-disciplinary research on complex systems within or with the help of arts and humanities. The symposium will highlight arts and humanities as an interesting source of data, where the combined experience of arts, humanities research, and natural science makes a huge difference in overcoming the limitations of artificially segregated communities of practice.

Topics include artist ranking, matrix visualization, culturomics, the sociology of the contemporary Hungarian art scene, archaeology, the interrelation of languages, art history, visualization methodology, music and the brain, the measurement of art perception, as well as relevant artworks.

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Keynote speakers: Marek Claassen (Artfacts.Net, London), Jean-Baptiste Michel (Harvard University, Cambridge) and Nathalie Henry Riche (Microsoft Research, Seattle)

Orgainizing committee: Maximilian Schich (CCNR BarabásiLab, Northeastern University, USA), Roger Malina (Leonardo Publications, F/USA), Isabel Meirelles (Dept. of Art + Design, Northeastern University, USA), Tijana Stepanovic (ACAX, Ludwig Museum, H)

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