Emese Benczúr: To Be Touched (2005)

Pál Szacsva y: Empire in Different Colours (2004)

Generally Believed


The aim of the exhibition is to provide a characteristic picture of the current positions of contemporary Hungarian art through the perspective of a curator from Berlin – Peter Lang – while placing the works in a Berlin – that is, international – context. Thus, upon selecting the artists and their works, it was an important aspect that the exhibited works communicate at an international level and their creators are artists regularly attending international forums.

As the participating artists work in different fields (video, photo, installation, painting) by considerably different standards, we did not want to force any narrow thematic constraints on the show; we rather endeavoured to select such finished works that are by themselves strong works of art both in content and form, and this characteristic is their common feature.

(Hajnal Németh)