Katarina Šević – Gergely László : Home Museum (2005)

Katarina Šević – László Gergely: Home Museum (2005)

Miklós Erhardt: With or Without Me (2006)

H3 / Belgrade


The Hungarian Focus / Mađarska u žiži series of programs took place in Belgrade in November 2006. In the frame of ACAX's Check-in Budapest curatorial visitor program four curators from Belgrade - Maida Gruden, Mara Prohaska, Stevan Vuković and Saša Janjić - were invited to Budapest in August and September 2006. The curators became acquainted with several institutions and artists throughout their study trips.

H3 - The contemporary art scene in Hungary

presentation of Maida Gruden, Saša Janjić, Mara Prohaska, Stevan Vuković
Date: 9 November 2006. 18:00
Venue: Galerija Artget (KCB - Kulturni centar Beograda)

The curators of the H3 project introduce their projects and gave a subjective account of what their impressions are of the Hungarian art scene.

Home Museum

Participating artists: Katarina ŠevićGergely László
Date: 13–26 November 2006.
Venue: Remont galerija
Vernissage: 13 November 2006. 19.00
Curator:Saša Janjić

Heritage and inheritance have always been problematic issues in the Balkans, not only due to historical and cultural influences but also to the lack of adequate ideological models. Home Museum deals with this delicate matter. How can a small seashore summer cottage become a museum displaying various layers of history in the most expressive manner?
The project reflects on global processes from a micro-perspective, thus transcending the narrow scope of the Balkans and the banal quotidian.

With or Without Me

Participating artist: Miklós Erhardt
Date: 13–18 November 2006.
Venue: Galerija SKC
Vernissage: 13 November 2006. 20:00
Curator: Stevan Vuković

With or Without Me is the Belgrade version of Miklós Erhardt’s earlier interview project of the same title. It focuses on those definitive characters of the local scene that have valuable experience in the field of artistic practices. Both the practical and the emotional aspects of such collaborations fall in the centre of interest.

H3 Party

Date: 13 November 2006. 23:00
Venue: Klub Plastic

After vernissages at Remont and SKC, the H3 Party now moves to Klub Plastic, featuring famous Belgrade musicians.

Hungarian Plays

Participating artists: Marcell EsterházySzabolcs KissPálAndrás RavaszAndrea Schneemeier
Date: 16–30 November 2006.
Venue: YUBIN International Culture Centre
Vernissage: 16 November 2006. 19.00
Curators: Mara Prohaska, Maida Gruden

Game as a vital ingredient of life. Through the video installations of four Hungarian artists, the curators explore how to recognize habituation and dispose of it.

The H3 art projects throughout the series of events are organized by ACAX and supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture.