exhibition view with the works of Róbert Batykó

Róbert Batykó: Orbit , 2012

Róbert Batykó: Rome , 2012

Haarlem Spring

Hungarian participant: Róbert Batykó

Haarlem, Netherlands
16 March – 17 April 2012
Artists: Gijs Assmann, David Bade, Róbert Batykó, Niels Broszat, Marie Cloquet, Pieter Hugo, Moshekwa Langa, Frederique Masselink-van Rijn, Wilhelm Mundt, Jonas Ohlsson, Pim Palsgraaf, Micha Patiniott, Pepo Salazar, Hanneke van Velzen, Bouke de Vries, Hans Wilschut

Haarlem Spring (Haarlemse Lente) is a new event organized as a joint effort between all exhibition venues for contemporary art in Haarlem. New exhibitions take place at De Hallen Haarlem, Nieuwe Vide, Horizonverticaal, Art Consultancy Tanya Rumpff, ICM, and Galerie Rob de Vries. Galerie 37, 37PK, De Vishal, and Teylers Museum also take part in the Haarlem Spring initiative.

The aim of Haarlem Spring is to present the values and diversity of Haarlem’s art scene to the broader attention of the nationwide public. In addition, the participants would like to emphasize that in the picturesque city of Haarlem, which was once a center for classic painting, traditional and contemporary art still go hand in hand, reinforcing each other.

Works of Róbert Batykó were displayed in the exhibition WASTE, organized by Art Consultancy Tanya Rumpff and Bianca Vooges between 16 March and 17 April 2012. His participation was supported by the Leopold Bloom Award and its founder, the Maurice Ward Group.