Emese Benczúr: Think of Your Future life

Csaba Róka Kis's works at THE HUMAN STAIN

Liverpool Biennial 2010.


18 September - 28 November 2010
Liverpool, United Kingdom

Artistic Director: Lewis Biggs
Curatorial team: Lorenzo Fusi - Liverpool Biennial (non-gallery sites), Peter Gorschlüter (Tate Liverpool), Patrick Henry (Open Eye Gallery), Sara Jayne Parsons (the Bluecoat), Mike Stubbs (FACT – Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) and Mark Waugh (A Foundation Liverpool)

The Liverpool Biennial - the UK’s largest as well as one of the most exciting contemporary visual arts event - presents Touched, the International Exhibition of the Biennial. Consisting of around 40 new projects by leading and emerging international artists, Touched presents artworks that affect the viewer through addressing a total context (mind, body and place: relatedness in space and time); artworks whose investment and inscription in the particular and the personal affects the general and the social.

The exhibition Touched is the result of a curatorial collaboration between the six curators each of whom developed their own approach to the question as to how art moves us, and then selected artists whose work moved them in this way.

Touched will be presented across multiple venues: Tate Liverpool, the Bluecoat, FACT (Foundation for Art & Creative Technology), A Foundation and Open Eye Gallery, with half the exhibition sited in public spaces across the city.

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Lorenzo Fusi, curator of the current International Exhibition, was invited to Budapest for a curatorial research trip in the frame of the ACAX Check in Budapest visitor program in September 2009. Following his visit he invited two Hungarian artists - Emese Benczúr and Csaba Kis Róka - to participate in the Biennial.


Emese Benczúr will present her site specific work Think About Your Future in the framework of the PUBLIC REALM section of Touched, curated by Lorenzo Fusi.

Emese Benczúr first expressed her concern for the future, as a person and artist, in 1997 when she repeatedly embroidered the sentence “I think about the future” along strips of fabric where the phrase “day by day” had been previously woven. Similarly, for the 2010 Liverpool Biennial, the artist invites the viewer to ”think about the future”. The project has been inspired by the remnants of a disused cinema, formerly known as The Futurist.

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Production of Emese Benczúr’s site specific work Think About Your Future is supported by ACAX | Ludwig Museum.

Participating artists in the PUBLIC REALM: Rosa Barba, Laura Belem, Emese Benczúr, Danica Dakic, Song Dong, Alfredo Jaar, Will Kwan, Cristina Lucas, Tala Madani, Kris Martin, NS Harsha, Raymond Pettibon, Do Ho Suh, Ryan Trecartin and Hector Zamora

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Csaba Kis Róka is one of the 8 invited artists to exhibit at THE HUMAN STAIN section of Touched, curated by Lorenzo Fusi.

Csaba Kis Róka explores the innermost corners of the collective subconscious, delving into the realm of the unexpressed, and blatantly opposing political correctness. Playing with a rich pictorial texture that densely coagulates on his canvases, the artist stages traditional genre scenes imbued with irony, cruelty, abuse and random violence. Kis Róka’s paintings analyse the effects of trauma, social stigmatisation and political repression, and address the conditioning of the individual psyche by the system.

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Csaba Kis Róka’s participation in the Liverpool Biennial was supported by ACAX | Ludwig Museum.

Participating artists at THE HUMAN STAIN: Oren Eliav, Tim Eitel, Y.Z. Kami, Csaba Kis Róka, Edi Hila, Aime Mpane, Markus Schinwald and Zbynek Sedlecky

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