Igor and Ivan Buharov: Rudderless

Manifesta 8.

9 October 2010 – 9 January 2011
Region of Murcia (Spain), in dialogue with Northern Africa

Groups of Curators: Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum (Bassam El Baroni, Jeremy Beaudry), Chamber of Public Secrets (Khaled Ramadan, Alfredo Cramerotti), tranzit.org (Vít Havránek, Zbynek Baladrán, Dóra Hegyi, Boris Ondreicka, Georg Schöllhammer) 

Manifesta, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, is a nomadic contemporary art project initiated by the International Foundation Manifesta, taking place every two years in a different European country. The next edition, Manifesta 8, which will take place in the Region of Murcia (Spain) will explore the idea of Europe in the 21st century at the edges of the continent.

The Hungarian participants of the Manifesta 8 are Igor and Ivan Buharov with their project Rudderless. The two artists have been working together since 1995. In their films they combine experimental filmmaking with different narrative approaches. Generally they work with a Super 8 camera and with amateur actors – friends and paid extras – whose specific language and dialogues add a special touch to the unique atmosphere of their films.

Using the concept of the polis as a base, the project Rudderless invites us to reflect on the hidden aspects of migration, regarding it both as an idealistic search and a separation from one´s roots. The Buharovs present an installation  setting of the poem "Kormányeltörésben" (Rudderless), which was written in 1971 by István Domonkos in order to evoke questions and reflections on the relation between consumer society and migration, on the one hand, and the role individuals play in the migration process, on the other hand. The Buharovs do not consider immigration only as a survival problem and a conflict between the immigrant and the rest of the world, but also as a complex and dramatic situation where one loses his/her roots and his/her identity.

The project Rudderless is presented in the section curated by tranzit.org and is on display at the Antiguo Cuartel de Artillería Pabellón 2.

The Hungarian contribution is supported by ACAX | Ludwig Museum.

Manifesta 8.