The next guests and lecturers of the Check-in Budapest curatorial visitor program are:

In her lecture Anne Barlow will talk about Art in General and its programmatic initiatives. Art in General, New York, is a non-profit arts organization that supports emerging artists primarily through the commissioning of new work and an international residency exchange program.

Danna Taggar Heller will present recent works by contemporary artists living in Israel. She will focus on the curatorial practice in the context of a politically charged and contested space. In 2009, Taggar Heller curated an outdoor exhibition on the subject of 'Art and Sustainability' in the 700-year old olive grove of what was once the Palestinian village of Ein Hawd, today Ein Hod, an Israeli village based in Northern Israel. Many questions and controversies related to that particular show remain relevant today. Can art bridge between political and historical gaps? What are the pros and cons of boycott versus engagement? The presentation will also include performative works by Israeli video artists Shahar Marcus, Gil Yefman and Eytan Heller.

The lectures will be held in English. All are welcome!