Urban Contact Zone

exhibition, residency, conference

The Hamburg projektgruppe initiated and carried out a number of significant art exchange programs throughout the 90’s in collaboration with artists and art institutions from Budapest and Hamburg.

The collective title of the 2006 art program of the projektgruppe is Urban Contact Zone. The title refers to the conceptual thread linking the events that are realized at various locations and times: the urban environment; the city as an economically, socially and culturally defined public space, as an architectural scenery that preserves and continually renews the mark of superimposed historical periods, as an inexhaustible source of inspiration and the public stage of social conflicts.

The series of projects, beginning in spring 2006, consists of several sections: exhibitions, open-air actions, a residency program and an art conference. A brochure will also be published in connection with the series of events, expounding the topic of each event.

The May program consists of three parts, a residency program involving Lilla Khoór and Will Potter, the Friese exhibition and a conference taking place in Deichtorhallen on 26 – 28 May.

Participanting artists:
János Fodor–Tibor Horváth (Apropopriation), Tibor Hajas (Öndivatbemutató/Self Fashion Show), Gábor Zsigmond Papp (Retro Budapest, NN.), János Sugár (Perzsa Séta/Persian Walk), Anna Szigeti, Lilla Khoór and Will Potter.

The following people participate at the conference: Samu Szemerey, the RandomRoutines, Bea Hock, Anikó Szövényi, Mónika Bálint, Péter Lix, Sević Katarina, Attila Menesi, Levente Polyák, Miklós Erhardt, János Vető (Coppenhagen), Magdolna Marsovszky (Munich) and Dodelin Sophi (Lyon).

In August, Sándor Bartha and Judit Angel will be residents at the Hamburg projektgruppe.

The project is realized in the scope of Ungarischer Akzent.

Projektgruppe, Hamburg
Monika Wucher, Christoph Rauch