Cristina Freire

Cristina Freire was invited to Budapest as the curator of 27th Biennial of São Paulo. The Hungarian participant of the Biennial was Antal Lakner.

Cristina Freire, born in Rio de Janeiro 1961.Holds an MA in Museum and Galleries Management at the City University, London, and a PhD in Social Psychology , studying the role of the monuments in contemporary cities, thesis published in the book: Beyond the maps. Monuments in the urban contemporary imaginary, 1995.  Works as a curator at the Museum for Contemporary art in São Paulo since 1990 and also is a lecturer in contemporary art at the University of São Paulo.

As a result of a long-term research project, published the book Poetics of the Process. Conceptual art in the Museum (1999)  and had also organised the largest exhibition of Conceptual Art from the 1970’s in Brazil; Conceptual Art and Conceptualisms. The 1970’s in the Museum of Contemporary Art Collection, São Paulo (2000). Among other exhibitions was the curator of Almost ephemeral art: records of performances, actions, situations (2001) and Experimental place for freedom: the Museum of Contemporary Art in the 1970’sth Biennial of São Paulo (2006). (2002). Between 2000 and 2002  worked together with three other curators on the research project Rumos - Itaú Cultural Artes Visuais. The aim of the project was a nationwide survey of young artists. At the moment is Co-curator of the 27th Biennial of São Paulo (2006.)

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