Manray Hsu

Manray Hsu
1 – 4 June 2006

On 1 June 2006, from 18.00, Manray Hsu held a lecture at the Budapest Kunsthalle about his prior activity, the situation and perspectives of the East Asian contemporary art scene and the possible curatorial strategies that may facilitate the emergence of cultural scenes with marginal backgrounds.

Manray Hsu is an independent curator and critique living in Berlin and Taipei, associate curator of this year’s Liverpool Biennial and the 2000 Taipei Biennial, jury member of the Venice Biennial and the Istanbul Biennial in 2001. This December he is coming to Budapest together with Maren Richter Austrian curator in order to cooperate in setting up an international exhibition entitled Naked Life, which will be on show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei. The exhibition directs attention at violence in everyday life and unbalanced power conditions such as jail, war, terror, and the mechanism of different surveillance systems.


Taipei Fine Arts Museum