Arab Lofty

Arab Lofty
28 September – 4 October 2006

Arab Lofty was lecturer at the symposium The Aesthetics of Resistance organized by

Arab Lofty is a filmmaker, writer and journalist. Her research and social work includes contributing to journals and books, lecturing, organizing exhbitions and directing workshops. She is author of the books The Role of Kinder-Garden during the War (1978), co-author of Classics of Documentaries (2002), Palestinian Women and Memory (1998); co-founder and director of the Women Studies Center Ma’an [together]. Her documentary films include Dark Room Radiant Life (2006), Playing with democracy (2005), Hekayat Men Ghaza (Stories from Gaza, 2001), Al-Farah Masry (The Egyptian Wedding, 1999), and several others. In 1991 she was awarded the Prize of the Arab Documentary Filmmakers Union at the International Ismailiya Festival, Egypt.