Andreas Müller-Pohle

Andreas Müller-Pohle (Brunswick, 1951) is artist and publisher. He is the editor of European Photography magazine (Göttingen and Berlin) since 1980. Between 1985–94 he was consultant for the European Photography Award. Müller-Pohle was publisher of Vilém Flusser's Die Schrift – Hat Schreiben Zukunft? (Scripture – The Future of Writing) as an electronic book on diskette (1986). He is the founder of Edition Flusser (1996), and of Eye-Mind (2005) – the workshop for contemporary photography and new media. Between 1997–2004 he was engaged as visiting professor at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium. His works were shown at numerous solo and group exhibitions among others in Berlin, Stockholm, Rotterdam, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Philadelphia, Houston, Shanghai and Kyoto. Müller-Pohle is recipient of the Reind M. De Vries European Photography Prize (2001).