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Bige Örer

Bige Örer is the director of Istanbul Biennial. Örer, born in 1977 in Istanbul, received her B.A in Political Science and Public Administration in French at  Marmara University. Örer completed her first  M.A. in communications management at the University of Toulouse followed by a  second M.A. in sociology at the University of Toulouse II- Le Mirail,. Örer, who is currently Director of the Istanbul Biennial, has worked on the coordination of cultural and artistic projects for the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts since 2003. Örer also works as an independent expert in the evaluative process of the European Union division for cultural funds. She has been acting as  a consultant and a jury member to several cultural and artistic  projects. She is a member of the project 'Capacity Building for Cultural Policy in Turkey', and a member of the team writing the alternative Cultural Policy Compendium of Turkey. Örer currently teaches at Istanbul Bilgi University.