Olga Shishko

Olga Shishko (b.1967, Moscow, Russia) art expert, curator. Her research activities focus on different aspects of contemporary media art (art on the net, video, cyberculture, etc.). She has curated numerous international events, festivals, and exhibitions including: NewMediaLogia Symposium (Moscow, 1994), Da-Da-Net Festival (Moscow, 1997-2000), Trash-Art Festival (Moscow, 1999-2000), Pro&Contra Symposium (Moscow, 2000), etc. Editor of the catalogues, anthologies and books on contemporary media art issues published in Russia, among them: NewMediaLogia – NewMediaTopia (Moscow, 1996), Data Trash (Moscow, 2000), Pro&Contra (Moscow, 2000), and the Anthology of The Russian Media Art (1st part: Video Art From Russia, Moscow, 2001). She was curator of the NewMediaArtLab programme in the Soros Center for Contemporary Art (Moscow, 1993-1997), member of the expert council of the Electronic publishing programme (Soros Foundation, Moscow), curator of the Contemporary Art on the Internet programme (EVA-Moscow). Currently she is Programme Director of the MediaForum Multimedia Art Festival – one of the official programs of the XXX Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF). Founder (since 2000) and Director (since 2006) of the Center of Culture and Art MediaArtLab, an integrated research within contemporary art involving media technologies. She served on the jury of a number of international exhibitions, like Art on the Net Internet Festival (Japan, 1998-2000), Art Vifu (England, 2000). She is a member of several professional associations, namely, International Association of Art Critics (since 1997), Russian Academy of Internet (since 1999), Cinematographic Union of Russia (since 2000). Currently she is Professor of Media Culture at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES).