Marko Stamenkovic

Marko Stamenkovic (*1977) is an independent curator based in Belgrade (Serbia) and member of IKT – International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art. He has been curating projects and exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, among which: Splav Meduze; Never Means Nothing; Contrasted Working World (CWW); Art as Option for Action; Private Dancer; A Life Less Glamorous; Dis-Economy of Life; Beograd nekad i sad; Micropol. He has participated in numerous international curatorial programs (Slovenia, Armenia, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Germany, The Neverlands) and has been lecturing in Egypt, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey, Portugal. His writings on contemporary art have been published internationally. He is a recipient of awards and grants from, among others, American Center Foundation (New York), Unicredit Bank (Milan), and CEC ArtsLink (New York).

The Horse Dies the Birds Fly Away

Lecture by Marko Stamenkovic

"For suicide is the institution that represents the knowledge about the choice of death" 

In the ‘spirit of expatriation', a profound sense of dislocation, and the symbolic atmosphere of Kassak’s exile, the lecture will outline an autonomous itinerary of nomadic subjects and dispersed experience. Always in relation to a system of silent repression, Stamenkovic will introduce the figures and shadows of transgression, ‘hooliganism’ and non-belonginess in his recent projects. Through the gestures of radical self-erasure, the lecture will highlight the possibilities of having an individual freedom to choose one's own perspective at the contemporary stage of progressively conservative mindsets. It will provide a brief insight into the existence of insular curatorial practice, both inside and outside of the conformist spectacle of institutionalized normativity.