Sandra Terdjman

Sandra Terdjman is  curator and programs manager at Kadist Art Foundation (Paris) and is an  advisor for its collection. While living in London, she collaborated on several independent projects including a program for radio gallery and a  curatorial competition of imaginary exhibitions at the ICA. At this time, she  completed her master in curating contemporary art at Goldsmiths College. The same year 2006, she opened the new exhibition and residency space of Kadist Art  Foundation, which was until then a private collection. Kadist is being  developed as a situation of exchange for an international discourse which  became the basis of its identity and organization. Terdjman has recently been  working with artists such as Wilfredo Prieto, Mario Garcia Torres, Ryan  Gander and curators Adam Carr, Cosmin Costinas and Sofia Hernandez for their  first project in Paris.