Levente Polyák, Sabrina van der Ley, Anne Maier in Dunaújváros

Sabrina Van der Ley

Sabrina van der Ley and Anne Maier
23 – 25 April 2006


Art Forum Berlin international contemporary art fair was first organized in 1996. Since then, it has been among the most successful art fairs in Europe, boasting with 120 galleries of 25 countries in 2006. Art director of Art Forum Berlin is Sabrina van der Ley; PR director is Anne Maier.

The project Art in Space in the scope of Art Forum Berlin was curated by Franciska Zólyom. The book Art in Space - Institutional Strategies and Architectural Models for Contemporary Art edited by Franciska Zólyom was published by ACAX and ICA-D (Institution for Contemporary Art - Dunaújváros).



Art Forum Berlin