The next guest of the Check-in Budapest curatorial visitor program is:

HENDRIK FOLKERTS, curator of documenta 14: Learning from Athens

What do we face today?… Hendrik Folkerts (Curator of documenta 14, Kassel/Athens, 2017) in conversation with Barnabás Bencsik

Date: 7th July 2015 (Tuesday), 7 pm

Venue: Goat Street Residency (1034 Budapest, Kecske u. 23.)

„Greece in 2014 is not an isolated case; it is emblematic of the fast-changing global situation, and it embodies the economic, political, social, and cultural dilemmas that Europe must face today—much as Kassel in 1955 embodied the need to deal with the trauma of destruction brought about by the Nazi regime and simultaneously served as a strategic location at the onset of the Cold War. If Athens exemplifies the current issues that extend beyond the proverbial notion of the “Greek Crisis,” these problems—which are as much European and global as they are Greek—remain unresolved.”
(quote from the press release)

Hendrik Folkerts, curator of documenta 14, has been invited to Budapest by ACAX to get acquainted with the local art scene and its actors, through an intensive professional research program consisting of meetings, studio visits with artists and this public interview. During the open conversation Folkerts will deliver first-hand insight to the Budapest audience into the preparation of the conceptual context of documenta 14, as well as the crucial decision of the Artistic Director Adam Szymczyk’s to organize the forthcoming edition of documenta in two European cities: Kassel and Athens.

The conversation will be held in English.
Free entry.

Hendrik Folkerts, curator of documenta 14: Learning From Athens, is a guest of the Check-in Budapest international visitor program run by ACAX.
The visitor program is supported by the Association of Hungarian Contemporary Art Galleries.