ACAX becomes a member of the Visual Arts Platform

In 2011 ACAX was invited to be the sixth member of the Visual Arts Platform (VAP), an international network of arts agencies. VAP includes the most prominent European arts agencies such as the British Arts Council England, the Danish Agency for Culture, the Dutch Mondriaan Fund, the Belgian BAM - Flemish Institute for Visual, Audiovisual and Media Art, the Swiss Pro Helvetia; these institutions operate both on national and international levels with the objective of improving international relations, initiating collaborations, stimulating art projects and  promoting artists from their own country. In 2012 ACAX became a member of the Platform as the only organization from the Central Eastern European region.

Through the important exchange of knowledge and information, VAP aims to set up and realize common visions and cultural policy strategies in order to strengthen the international role of the member states. In addition, VAP seeks to facilitate the collaboration between the members, especially where biennials, residency- and visitor programs are concerned.