Hungarian participation at the dOCUMENTA (13)

Hungarian presence at the dOCUMENTA, the most prestigious international exhibition series, has never been as pervasive and strong as 2012 in its more than fifty-year history. Three Hungarian artists – Tamás St.Turba, Attila Csörgő, and István Csákány – were invited to participate at the exhibition and Lívia Páldi, an art historian and curator, presented her own project. ACAX is the the only official Hungarian partner organization of dOCUMENTA (13).


Galicia, Mon Amour. Folly, Fantasy and Phantasm

Lilla Khoór, Little Warsaw, Gábor Roskó and Bálint Szombathy in Poland

Danna Heller, Tel Aviv-based independent art curator, participated in ACAX’ Check-in Budapest visitor program in 2011. As a result of her visit, she invited several Hungarian artists to her new exhibition in Nowy Sacz (Poland).

PHotoEspaña 2012

Hungarian participant: Lilla Szász

ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange is glad to announce that Hungarian artist Lilla Szász will participate in the PHotoEspaña 2012. Szász will present her photo series in the frame of the exhibition Here we are together with Richard Avedon, Richard Billingham and Paz Errázuriz.

PHotoEspaña 2012 ended, having received 640,000 visits. The Audience Award went to Here we are, exhibition included works of Lilla Szasz.

Haarlem Spring

Hungarian participant: Róbert Batykó

First winner of the Leopold Bloom Art Award in 2011, painter Róbert Batykó participated in Haarlemse Lente festival in the Netherlands.

The next guest and lecturer of the Check-in Budapest curatorial visitor program is:

BOSHKO BOSKOVIC, Program Director of Residency Unlimited (RU), New York.

Date: 9 January 2012 (Monday), 6 pm
Place: Labor (1053 Budapest, Képíró u. 6.)