Fresh AIR 2, the fourth event of Check-in Budapest deals with the topic of residency programs and centers. Artists-in-Residency (AIR) programs aim to encourage international contacts for artists and curators. The main goal of such programs – beside facilitating time for work and inspiration – is to provide the invited residents coming from different angles of the world with the opportunity of international presentation, networking and career building.
The invited particiants of the Check-in Budapest 4. panel talk about the different working methods, special goals, operational structures and financial backgrounds of their own, internationally recognised institutions. The aim of this panel is to provide an overview on the different strategies and to offer to the Hungarian audience the possibility of establishing contacts to the presented institutions and their representatives. This event should foster future discussion of initiating a residency center in Budapest.
Participants of Check-in Budapest 4. are collaborating since 2006 in the frame of Opening the Closed Shops residency network program. In 2008 Tamás Kaszás was resident in Solitude, Kamen Stoyanov and Goran Radovanović were guests of JAK and ACAX in Budapest.
Check-in Budapest program is supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture
Opening the Closed Shops program is supported by Allianz Kulturstiftung.