Madness Is Like Gravity

Presentation by Hubert Czerepok

Madness Is Like Gravity - Presentation by Hubert Czerepok

Date: 16th July 2015 (Thursday), 7 pm

Venue: Goat Street Residency (1034 Budapest, Kecske u. 23.)

Hubert Czerepok, resident artist of Goat Street Residency will speak about his previous works and about his project to be realised during his 3-months stay in Budapest. 

Following the presentation all are welcome to join us for a light summer drink in the garden of the residency house.

The presentation will be held in English.
Free entry.

Supported by the International Visegrad Fund

Hubert Czerepok was born in Slubice (Poland) 1973. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan in 1999. In years 2002-2003 attended the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht in Netherlands and in 2004-2005 the Higher Institute for Fine Arts Flanders in Antwerpen in Belgium. Participated in various group shows in Poland and abroad including solo exhibitions “Devil’s Island” at the La Criée Centre for Contemporary Art in Rennes in France and “Haunebu” at the Zak | Branicka Gallery in Berlin, Germany. He is the Professor at the the Painting and Multimedia Department in the Academy of Arts in Szczecin, Poland. Currently is living and working in Wroclaw.

At the core of Hubert Czerepok‘s works lie the connections between fiction and historical events. It is not the facts themselves that interest the artist, but rather the way they begin with shifts, mutations, and unimaginable formal and semantic transformations. Conspiracy theories appear repeatedly in Czerepok’s oeuvre. He looks for a source of evil and madness. He explores the areas where morality has fluent boundaries, where the right and wrong exchange their positions. He looks for the boundaries of knowledge beyond where our imagination and logic can’t reach. He questions conventional interpretations, and infects history with a virus, weakening the traditional course of narration: it is his aim to construct ‘simulations of history.’ His goal is not to contradict anyone or prove anything. Czerepok navigates and manipulates the viewer in order to generate uncertainty. Drawing, installation, video and photography: Czerepok’s strength lies in always choosing the most appropriate medium for each subject.