The recent expansion of large-scale international biennials and group exhibitions has significantly transformed the contemporary art world. Alongside the most significant biennials, such as Documenta, Manifesta and the Venice Biennale, now exhibitions in Berlin, Gwangju, Istanbul, Liverpool, Lyon, Prague, São Paulo and Sydney are also capable of mobilizing and convening the art world: artists, curators, critics, gallery owners, collectors, art directors, art historians as well as the broader public. These events are unique opportunities for presentation, that’s why we believe it is particularly important to ensure Hungarian participation. For this reason, through our Check-in Budapest program, we invite curators to Hungary, so that they get introduced to local artists. As the Hungarian partner of these international biennials, we are responsible for the preparation, co-ordination, professional and financial support of the Hungarian participation and play an active role in the production of new artworks.

The 13th Istanbul Biennial – Mom, Am I Barbarian?

Hungarian participant: Adam Kokesch

ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange is glad to announce that – as in previous years – the 13th Istanbul Biennial again has Hungarian participant. Among others the works of Adam Kokesch are on display between the 14th of September – 20th of October 2013 at the central venue of the Biennial.


Hungarian participation at the dOCUMENTA (13)

Hungarian presence at the dOCUMENTA, the most prestigious international exhibition series, has never been as pervasive and strong as 2012 in its more than fifty-year history. Three Hungarian artists – Tamás St.Turba, Attila Csörgő, and István Csákány – were invited to participate at the exhibition and Lívia Páldi, an art historian and curator, presented her own project. ACAX is the the only official Hungarian partner organization of dOCUMENTA (13).


PHotoEspaña 2012

Hungarian participant: Lilla Szász

ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange is glad to announce that Hungarian artist Lilla Szász will participate in the PHotoEspaña 2012. Szász will present her photo series in the frame of the exhibition Here we are together with Richard Avedon, Richard Billingham and Paz Errázuriz.

PHotoEspaña 2012 ended, having received 640,000 visits. The Audience Award went to Here we are, exhibition included works of Lilla Szasz.

The 12th Istanbul Biennial - Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial), 2011

Hungarian participants: Dóra Maurer and Tamás Kaszás - Anikó Loránt

ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange is glad to announce that – just as two years ago – two Hungarian participants have been invited to the 12th Istanbul Biennial. Among others the works of Dóra Maurer and Tamás KaszásAnikó Loránt are on display between 17 September – 13 November 2011 at the venue of the Biennial.

The curators of the Biennial, Jens Hoffmann and Adriano Pedrosa were invited to Budapest for a curatorial research trip in the frame of ACAX’s Check-in Budapest curatorial visitor program in January 2010. Following their visit, they invited the artists to participate in the Biennial. The Hungarian contribution is supported by ACAX, department of Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest.

Constitutional experiments by the way of
Manifesta 8

March 1, 2011, 6 p.m.
Ludwig MuseumMuseum of Contemporary Art, Budapest
Public lecture organized by and ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange

One of the curatorial teams of Manifesta 8, the European nomad art biennial, – represented by Vít Havránek, Dóra Hegyi, Boris Ondreička and Georg Schöllhammer – shares their experiences about the possibility to democratically „constitute” the rules of a group exhibition organized in Murcia, Spain in 2010.

As part of the event the film Rudderless produced for the biennial by the Hungarian Manifesta 8 participants Igor and Ivan Buharov (Kornél Szilágyi and Nándor Hevesi) will be screened.

Manifesta 8.

9 October 2010 – 9 January 2011
Region of Murcia (Spain), in dialogue with Northern Africa

Groups of Curators: Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum (Bassam El Baroni, Jeremy Beaudry), Chamber of Public Secrets (Khaled Ramadan, Alfredo Cramerotti), (Vít Havránek, Zbynek Baladrán, Dóra Hegyi, Boris Ondreicka, Georg Schöllhammer)
Hungarian participants: Igor and Ivan Buharov 

Liverpool Biennial 2010.


18 September - 28 November 2010
Liverpool, United Kingdom

The Liverpool Biennial - the UK’s largest as well as one of the most exciting contemporary visual arts event - presents Touched, the International Exhibition of the Biennial. Consisting of around 40 new projects by leading and emerging international artists, Touched presents artworks that affect the viewer through addressing a total context (mind, body and place: relatedness in space and time); artworks whose investment and inscription in the particular and the personal affects the general and the social.

Lorenzo Fusi, curator of the current International Exhibition, was invited to Budapest for a curatorial research trip in the frame of the ACAX Check-in Budapest visitor program in September 2009. Following his visit he invited two Hungarian artists - Emese Benczúr and Csaba Kis Róka - to participate in the Biennial.

Emese Benczúr will present her site specific work Think About Your Future in the framework of the PUBLIC REALM section of Touched, curated by Lorenzo Fusi.
Production of Emese Benczúr’s site specific work Think About Your Future is supported by ACAX | Ludwig Museum.

Csaba Kis Róka
is one of the 8 invited artists to exhibit at the THE HUMAN STAIN section of Touched, curated by Lorenzo Fusi.
Csaba Kis Róka’s participation in the Liverpool Biennial was supported by ACAX | Ludwig Museum.

1st Ural Industrial Biennial

Shockworkers of the Mobile Image

9 September – 10 October 2010
Ekaterinburg, Russia

Curators: Cosmin Costinas, Ekaterina Degot, David Riff

The 1st Ural Industrial Biennial creates a space for an unprecedentedly grandiose interaction between contemporary art and industry becoming an indispensable source of ideas that would allow the local communities to engage in a global dialogue on the development of post-industrial civilization.
The biennial will take place in the Ural Workers Printing Press (main project) and in four large industrial plants (special projects) in the city of Ekaterinburg.
The Ural Industrial Biennial is initiated and developed by the director of the National Center for Contemporary Art, Ekaterinburg branch, Alisa Prudnikova.

Three films from the Balázs Béla Stúdió Archive - Unveiling from Györgyi Szalai and László Vitézy, Fascination from István Bácskai Lauró and Archaic Torso from Péter Dobai - will be on display at the 1st Ural Industrial Biennial.

The Hungarian contribution is supported by ACAX | Ludwig Museum.

1st Ural Industrial Biennial


What Keeps Mankind Alive?

Date: 12 September - 8 November 2009
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Curators: Ivet Ćurlin, Ana Dević, Nataša Ilić, Sabina Sabolović (WHW - What, How and for Whom)
Hungarian participants: Tamás St.Auby and Société Réaliste

Periferic 8 - Art as Gift

Biennial for Contemporary Art

Date: 3-18 October 2008
Location: Iasi, Romania

Curator: Dora Hegyi
Hungarian participants: Róza El-Hassan, Anikó Loránt, SZAF (Miklós Mécs and Judit Fischer)